Citation of Merit

Awarded to distinguished alumni of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and received national or international recognition.

The award will normally be given to an alum who has earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Final selection may include an alum who transferred to a professional or other program without completing a degree at Iowa State.


2019 Yoon-Shik Lee, MA (’82 Political Science)

2018 Maryl Johnson (’73 Zoology)

2017 Tom Miller (’72 Computer Science)

2016 Rear Adm. Randall M. Hendrickson (’83 Political Science and Naval Science)

2015 Alice P. Hudson (’63 Chemical Technology)

2014 Benjamin E. Bierbaum (’57 Zoology) Laura Jackson (’90 Psychology)

2013 Maj. Gen. Allen W. Batschelet (’83 History)

2011 Douglas K. Spong (’81 English)

2010 Donald J. Soults (’68 BS Statistics ’61; PhD Statistics)

2009 Sandra Davis, Modern Language; Psychology

2008 Robert Baur, Mathematics & Economics (PhD) Mark Stavish, Psychology & industrial relations (MS)

2007 Burton Christensen, chemistry Richard Matzke, geology

2006 Edward Stanek, physics

2005 Donald Langenberg, physics Trudy Peterson, English and history

2004 Stephanie A. Burns, chemistry Long Vo Nguyen, computer science Randall Wreghitt, journalism

2003 Marvin Caruthers, chemistry Martha E. Vincent-Ridge, biology

2002 Thomas Hoening, economics Virginia Metz, journalism Thomas Smith, geology

2001 James Renier, physical chemistry Stephanie Wells, meteorology

2000 Andrew Morton, economics

1999 Frederick Rudolph Larry Schnack

1998 Richard Forsythe, chemistry James Socknat, political science

1997 Wendell Primus, economics Daniel Purich, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology

1996 Bruce Bohnker, zoology Wendell Bragonier, botany

1995 Deanna Morse, distributed studies Robert and Diane Greenlee, journalism

1994 Carol Francisco, statistics Richard Gimer, government Emil Jebe, economics Harlan Mills, computer science

1993James Schirber, physics Deloris Wright, economics

1992 Donald Mathre, botany Lawrence Payne, mathematics

1991 Robert Bartley, journalism DeAnne Julius, economics

1990Terry Anderson, journalism Byron Kratochvil, chemistry Alfred Mueller, physics

1989Dennis Branstad, math; computer science Richard Ford, botany

1988James Gaylor, chemistry; mathematics

1987William Weber, botany

1986David Campbell, science; psychologyDwight Ink, government; history

1985Eugene Stoermer, botany

1984Robert Amme, physics

1983Richard Nicholson, chemistry

1982Larry Orr, mathematics

1981J. Throck Watson, chemical technology

1980Sherril Christian, mathematics; chemistry

1979William Lang, physicsThomas Scott, zoology

1978Darleane (Christian) Hoffman, chemistry

1977Donald Cressey, sociology

1976Robert Heller, geology