The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Advisory Council is a group of business, government, academic and professional leaders who are interested in the vitality of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University. The Council advises the College to strengthen its learning, research, and outreach programs, improve its facilities, expand its base of support, and serve its alumni.


The Council is composed of approximately 30 members.

The Dean appoints new Council members with advice from current Council members, LAS academic department chairs, and alumni relations and foundation staff.

Council terms are three years, and Council members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Council member terms are renewed at the discretion of the Dean. In most cases, terms will be staggered so that new members are appointed each year. Retiring members may be eligible for reappointment after a one-year period. In certain instances, the Dean may waive the two consecutive term limit and extend a special renewal to Council members. The membership year begins at adjournment of the spring meeting of the council and extends to adjournment of the next spring meeting. The Dean will fill vacant seats as needed.

Council membership is expected to be representative of the diverse activities and constituencies of the college and typically include Iowa State alumni, retired faculty and staff, and friends.

The Dean and Associate Deans of the College are ex-officio members of the Council. The Office of the Dean acts as secretariat for the Council.


Council officers include the chair, chair-elect, and past chair. The Dean appoints the chair with input from current officers. The term of service of officers is one year. Officers are eligible for re-appointment for one additional term. They are chosen without regard for their normal period of service on the Council, and their appointments are automatically extended until the end of their tenure in office if their three-year term as member expires during their term of service.

The chair shall preside over meetings of the Council and will provide guidance in achievement of the Councils goals. He/she will also facilitate discussion at Council meetings. The chair-elect shall preside over Council meetings in the absence of the chair and will be responsible for helping to coordinate the activities of ad-hoc committees.


The Council typically meets each fall and spring semester. In addition to the two regular meetings held each year, the chair may call special meetings of the Council and/or of its ad-hoc committees. The Council normally acts as a committee of the whole, but committees may be appointed by the chair to undertake specific assignments.

The Dean sets the dates for meetings of the Council. The Office of the Dean is responsible for arrangements and, in collaboration with the chair, prepares the agenda for each meeting and distributes it to all members of the Council at least one week prior to each meeting. At the end of each meeting, Council members share feedback and suggest topics for future meeting agendas.


Council members disclaim any and all liability for any losses, claims, demands, or actions arising or resulting from their participation on the Council. The College and Iowa State University will exercise independent judgment and will evaluate for itself the usefulness of the advice and recommendations given by members of the Council.