ISU Alumni Association Awards

Alumni Medal

The Alumni Medal was established by the ISU Alumni Association in 1948 to recognize ISU alumni for long, loyal and outstanding service to the university through alumni-related activities. It is the premier award given to alumni by the ISU Alumni Association. One medal is grant annually.

LAS Recipients

2018 Deborah M. Tharnish, ’77 English

2010 Dr. Jon L. Fleming, ’75 Meteorology

2008 Sandra Uelner, journalism (honored along with husband Roy Uelner)

2007 Steven Mores, journalism

2004 Phyllis Lepke, journalism

2000 Sharon Juon, sociology; anthropology

1994 Joanne Will, journalism

1989 Winfield Hanssen, journalism

1988 Donald Arends, journalism/ Joan (Urenn) Axel, history

1985 Carole Custer, journalism

1979 Dorothy (Kent) Pecaut, journalism

1976 George Boehnke, economics; sociology

1971 Ralph Anderson, economics

1962 Helen Alice Burling, general science

1958 Robert Buchanan, science

Alumni Merit Award

The Alumni Merit Award was established by the ISU Club of Chicago in 1932 to recognize ISU alumni for outstanding contributions to human welfare that transcend purely professional accomplishments and bring honor to the university.

LAS Recipients

2018 Lee Ann De Reus, ’86 Political Science

2012 Eric Imerman (Sociology: BS ’91, MS ’96, Ph.D. ’99)

2011 Danny O’Neill (Political Science & International Studies ’83)

2010 Dr. Marc Wayne Urquhart (BS Biology ’89)

2009 Neal Porter, political science; international studies/ Gary Stahl, Spanish; international studies

2008 David Buck, technical journalism

2007 Judith Brandlin, modern language

2006 Ann Cooper, journalism

2001 Rebecca Klemm, statistics

2000 Sharon Juon, sociology; anthropology

1999 Winnifred (Cannon) Jardine, journalism

1985 Charles Carson, geology

1980 Beth (Cummings) Paschal, journalism

1975 Evan Binkerd, chemistry

1973 Allen Whitfield, science

1966 Ronald Dierwechter, science

1965 Marion Harrington, chemistry

1964 Samuel Massie, chemistry

1962 Iral Johns, chemistry

1958 William Frye, zoology

1957 Gertrude (Herr) Adamson, science; mathematics

1956 George Coatney, zoology

1955 Franklin Reck, journalism

1954 Irving Melhus, science

1953 Lyman Craig, chemistry/ Cleo Fitzsimmons, journalism

1952 James Kendrick, botany

1951 Maud (Mirick) Cooper Stuhler, mathematics

1948 Lyle Goodhue, chemistry

1947 Edwin McDonald Stanton, science

1946 Harry Butcher, journalism

1945 Frank Mullen, journalism

1943 Rush Lincoln, science

1942 Niels Hansen, science

1939 Herbert Osborn, science

1938 Frank Booth, science

1933 Carrie Chapman Catt, science

1932 Orange Howard Cessna, science

Alumni Service Award

The Iowa State University Alumni Association established this award in 2006 to recognize ISU alumni whose self-initiated activities and service consistently support the daily work of the ISU Alumni Association in further connecting alumni, students, and friends to the university. Up to three awards are granted annually.

LAS Recipients

2018 Dave Kurns, ’82 Journalism and Mass Communication

2016 Brian May (English ’93)

2014 Lorraine Hoffman (Bacteriology ’68)/ Ellen Nelson (Zoology ’72)

2012 Tim Coble (Computer Science ’77)/ Mary Katherine (Pattie) Wells (Spanish & English ’62)

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award, established in 1961, is the highest honor given to alumni by Iowa State University through the ISU Alumni Association. This award honors ISU alumni who are nationally and/or internationally recognized for preeminent contributions to their profession or life’s work.

LAS Recipients

2020 James Linder, ’76 Biochemistry and Microbiology

2020 Jack Shere, ’81 Biology ’81; ’87 D.V.M.; ’88 M.S. Professional Studies in Education

2019 DeRionne P. Pollard, ’93 English; ’95 M.A. English

2019 Jonathan Rich, ’77 Chemistry

2008 David Drury, mathematics/ Charles Manatt, sociology/ Trudy Huskamp Peterson, English, history and speech

2007 David Campbell, psychology/ Theodore Kooser, English and speech

2006 Lauro Cavazos, physiology/ Luis Ernesto Derbez, economics

2005 Bruce Roth, chemistry/ Michael Nettles, political science

2004 Victoria Bernhardt, psychology; statistics/ Thomas Harkin, government/ Graham Spanier, sociology

2002 John Jiansheng Tang, chemistry/ Donna Brogan, statistics

2001 W. Lynn Watney, geology/ Don Dillman, sociology

2000 Frederick Rudolph, biochemistry/ Santi Kulprathipanja, chemistry/ Liang-Yao Chen, physics

1999 William Brinkley, zoology/ Katharine Abraham, economics

1998 Ralph Yount, chemistry/ John Weaver, physics/ Wayne Fuller, economics; statistics

1997 Keith Yamamoto, biochemistry/ Martin Wilk, statistics/ Roy Whistler, chemistry/ James Gaylor, chemistry; mathematics

1996 Edward Sayre,chemistry/ Robert Fugate, physics

1994 Charles Knapp, economics

1993 Dwight Ink, political science

1992 Sharon (Miller) Rodine, political science

1991 Barbara Clawson, journalism/ Eldean “Dean” Borg, journalism

1990 Garrey Carruthers, economics

1988 Benjamin Bierbaum, zoology

1987 James Reiner,chemistry/ Velmer Fassel, chemistry

1986 Darleane (Christian) Hoffman, chemistry

1985 Carlyne Caldwell, chemistry/ Clifford Berry, physics

1984 Donald Langenberg, physics/ John Vincent Atanasoff, mathematics/ Even Binkerd, chemistry

1981 Samuel Massie, chemistry

1978 Donald Jackson, journalism

1977 Vine Deloria, science

1976 Alfred Karlson, science

1974 John Leermakers, chemistry

1972 Hugh Sidey, journalism

1970 Lauren Soth, journalism/ J. George Harrar, sociology/ Nathaniel Calloway, chemistry

James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award

The James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award was established by the ISU Alumni Association in 1999 to recognize recent ISU graduates who demonstrate loyal and outstanding volunteer services to the ISUAA through early membership in the organization and involvement in alumni-related activities.

LAS Recipients

2016 Sarah F. Fischer (political science and English ’02)

2015 Trey Hemmingsen (Advertising ’11)

2014 Brooke E. Prestegard (Political Science and History ’03)

2012 Lisa M. Frerichs (Journalism & Mass Communication ’03)/ Sophia Magill (Political Science ’05)

2011 Kathrine Rollinger (Communication Studies ’98)

2009 Lawrence Cunningham, liberal studies

2007 Dan (finance) and Theresa (speech communications) Etler

2006 Matt Craft, political science/ Eric Emmert, political science

2002 Jennifer Gelbmann, English

2001 Stephen Banyas, liberal studies

2000 Ann Brinkman, journalism and mass communications

Impact Award

The Impact Award was established in 2002 by the Iowa State University Alumni Association Board of Directors to recognize an individual, business, an organization, or unit for achievements that expand the scope and reach of; increase the involvement of ISU alumni, students, and/or friends in the life and work of; create positive publicity and recognition for; and bring honor to ISU during the year prior to being nominated, have increased the involvement and visibility of alumni, students, and friends in the life and work of Iowa State University and the Alumni Association during the current academic year.

LAS Recipients

2018 Iowa State University Cyclone Football ‘Varsity’ Marching Band

2014 Melvin Ejim (History ’14)

2012 James K. Olberding (History ’63)

2011 Lisa Koll Uhl (Biology ’08)

2009 Phil Caffrey, psychology

2008 Catt Center for Women and Politics/ Jill Pruetz, Department of Anthropology

2007 Elizabeth Beck, history

2006 KJ (Kathie Jo) Kindler, speech communication

2005 Sophia Magill, political science

2004 Steffen Schmidt, Department of Political Science

2003 Roy and Bobbi Reiman, journalism (Roy)

2002 Joseph Christensen, Department of Music

2001 Jerry James Moses, Jr., general studies/ W. Robert Parks, Department of Political Science

Superior Service to Alumni

Established in 2003, the ISU Alumni Association’s Superior Service to Alumni Award recognizes an ISU faculty or staff member who has demonstrated a commitment to establishing or furthering alumni relationships with the university. Candidates need not be ISU graduates, but must be a current employee at the time of conferment.

LAS Recipients

2012 Michael Golemo, Department of Music & Theatre

2011 Barbara M. Mack (Journalism ’74)

2006 Carl Jacobson, Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences

Young Alumnus/Alumna Award (ISU)

The Outstanding Young Alumnus/Alumna Award was established by the ISU Alumni Association in 1968 to recognize ISU alumni aged 40 and under who have excelled in their professions and provided service to their communities.

LAS Recipients

2019 Jessica Kinser, ’05 Political Science and English; ’07 Master of Public Administration

2018 Shane M. Jacobson ’03 Communication Studies

2015 Emily R. Kinser (Political Science ’04)

2015 Suzanne Hutchinson Verma (Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration ’99)

2014 Elizabeth Kathryn Andre (Spanish & International Studies ’98)

2013 Chad E. Harris (Political Science ’01)

2011 Anne C. Campbell (History & Interdisciplinary Studies ’98)

2010 Keegan Kautzky (BA Political Science ’04)

2009 Ann Bryant Borders, biology/ Andrew J. and Kari A. Hensen (Kari: BS Sociology ’96; MS Higher Education ’98; PhD Educational Leadership & Policy Studies ’05)

2008 Aranthan Steve Jones II, sociology & anthropology/ Derionne Pollard, English

2006 Scott DeBoer, physics and electrical engineering/ Jacquelyn (Jeras) Ellis, journalism and mass communication/ Michelle Moseman, computer science

2005 Sang-Joon Cho, biology and neuroscience/ Brian Hamphill, journalism/mass communications/ Scott Stanzel, journalism/mass communications

2003 Carla Koehler, biochemistry and biophysics/ Kent Lucken, political science/ Douglas Bennett, interdisciplinary studies

2000 N.B. Suresh Chandra, economics/ Mary Walczak, chemistry

1999 Sergio Lence, economics

1997 Philip Anfinrud, chemistry/ Dennis Goering, speech/communication

1993 Diana Oblinger, botany

1992 Maryanne Bach, botany

1991 Debra Floerchinger, psychology/ Terry Rich, speech and television arts

1990 Craig Dory, math; statistics/ Jim Paulsen, economics

1989 Vicky (Holets) Whittemore, zoology

1988 Katharine Abraham, economics

1986 Thomas Knudson, journalism/ Barbara Mack, journalism/ Heather (Soladay) Olson, journalism

1985 Allison (Engel) Kirkpatrick

1984 Holly Burkhalter, history/ Reid Crawford, political science/ Carol (Campbell) Elliott, political science/ John Lee, speech

1983 Debra Engel, psychology

1982 Graham Spanier, sociology/ Thomas Wilhite, speech; journalism

1981 Joseph Jongewaard, economics/ Earl Willits, government

1980 Robert Denson, political science/ Kirk Wolter, statistics

1979 Linda McCloskey, history/ Judith (Gardner) Rutter, journalism

1978 Carol (Campbell) Amick, journalism/ James Cunningham, chemistry/ Richard McCloskey, zoology

1977 Joan (Urenn) Axel, history/ Lowell Satterlee, biochemistry/ David Trauger, biology

1976 Neal Carter, science

1975 Carole (Zike) Custer, journalism/ Janice (Sells) McLain, journalism/ Merrill Oster, journalism

1974 Thomas Harkin, government

1973 J. Alan Swegle, journalism

1972 Lynda Anderson, journalism/ Robert Bartley, journalism

1971 Richard Gimer, government

1970 Charles Campbell, government

1969 Paul Leaverton, statistics

1968 Thomas Twetten, psychology/ Joanne Will, journalism

Honorary Alumni Award

The Honorary Alumni Award, established in 1968, is the highest honor given by Iowa State University through the ISU Alumni Association to individuals who are not graduates of Iowa State University and who have made significant contributions to Iowa State’s welfare, reputation, prestige, and pursuit of excellence. Up to three awards are granted annually.

LAS Recipients

2008 Carl Vondra, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of geological and atmospheric sciences

2007 Simon Estes, Distinguished Guest Artist of music