Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to alumni, faculty and friends of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated outstanding service or academic contributions that further the educational mission of the college.

Nominees may include alumni and friends who have contributed time, effort and financial help to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and faculty members who have been outstanding teachers on the graduate and/or undergraduate level.


2018 Arthur Slusark

2017 George Strawn (’69 Ph.D. mathematics)

2016 Thomas A. Connop (’76 history)

2015 Carl E. Jacobson

2014 Robert and Diane Stupka

2013 John G. Verkade Zora Devrnja Zimmerman

2012 Gillian Murphy (’83 Distributed Studies)

2011 Gary L. Krull (’67 English and Speech)

2010 Wayne A. Fuller (’55 BS Agricultural Economics; ’57 MS Agricultural Economics; ’59 PhD Agricultural Economics)

2009 Mark Fleming, physics

2008 Dennis Banasiak, chemistry

2007 Carol Elliott, political science

2006 Kent Fritz, psychology

2004 Charles and Kathleen Manatt, sociology Thomas and Elizabeth Phelps, political science

2003 Bruce Hach

2002 Carl Vondra, geological and atmospheric sciences

2001 J.D. Beatty, English

2000 Steven Mores, journalism George Knaphus, botany Jean Lassila

1999 Dale Anderson Ron Peters, psychology John Dobson, history

1998 Herbert David, statistics Kathryn Hach-Darrow, chemistry

1997 James Ruebel, foreign languages and literatures Steffen Schmidt, political science Robert and Diane Greenlee, journalism

1996 Sam and Louise Hamilton, music Dale Ross, English

1995 Ralph and Irene Anderson, journalism Karl Fox, economics Bernard White, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology

1994 Charles Knapp, economics

1993 Dwight Ink, political science

1992 Sharon Rodine, political science